Buildspace N&W S2 Week 2 — Goal and GTFOL

Week 2: Goal

Abby Low
2 min readDec 29, 2022

The second week workshop is about setting a goal for the Demo Day. For SoundBetter app, I set a goal to have 1000 messages converted to be professional!

Number of usage may be a good metric to measure the success of the product for the initial stage.

My goal for the demo day

Weekly update #2

At the initial stage, I was working on example data collection and GPT-3 prompt design. I wanted to have a quick start and delivered a MVP to gtfol, so I cloned the tutorial code from Buildspace GPT-3 writer and modify the logic from it.

To avoid missing the weekly update deadline, this is how SoundBetter looks like during second week update.

SoundBetter on Christmas 2022

After the first version of SoundBetter went live, I posted on my LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to invite people to try it out. Quite surprised to receive so much feedback from the friends / classmates from N&W.

While I am doing research to make SoundBetter easier to be accessed during work, I also revamped the UI and added Plausible to track how many users used the service to convert their messages (I just recorded how many times the messages are converted, not tracking any message input or user identity).

This is how it looks like now!

Revamped SoundBetter

Still working non-stop to enhance the product and make it more helpful for the people who have difficulty to find the right words. Feel free to comment below and let me know what do you think about SoundBetter.

Try it now! No installation / signup / fee needed. It’s freee to use!

SoundBetter official site:



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