Buildspace N&W S2 Week 3 — Users

This article is about the exercises and takeaways from Week 3 workshop.

Be specific about your target users

Exercise 1: One-liner of the product + target user type

A tool to turn your words to be professional messages.

Programmers who are not good at communication and non English native speakers in South East Asia.

Talking to user

This is the template shared by Farza (the host of the workshop and founder of Buildspace).

DM Template shared by Farza

We got some time to prepare our own DM template and sent DM to some of the Nights and Weekends buddies.

Get a user

Launch with short demo video

It’s totally okay to launch again and again. Don’t wait until the project is perfectly done to launch.

This is a template of the launch post:

Got something new ✨

Introducing buildspace -- a school for people who don't want to get a job.

Get access to content, join a community of over 100,000+ builders, and learn by actually shipping.

Here's a 1m demo, thoughts?

<insert video here>

Farza shared another useful tip is not to embed the link (video link or your product link) in the post as Twitter / LinkedIn tends to not show your post as it redirects traffic to external site.

Comment to the post and say something like:

DM me a 🫶🏻 and I will send the link to you.

It is a good chance to get some people to talk with about your project as well.

Recommendation of book — The Mom Test



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