Buildspace N&W S2 Week 4— Growth

Abby Low
3 min readJan 11, 2023

Week 4 workshop is about growth. I believe most of the participants are wondering the same question “What’s next?”.

Iterate the process (A slide from the workshop)

It’s simple but requires us to be consistent. Build, launch, measure and talk to users & learn. Iterate the process.

Measure the progress

In previous workshop, we have decided what score to focus on and the goal by the demo day. Week 4, Farza shared a Notion template for us to track the score (Well, before this template, I was tracking those metrics using sticky notes 😂)

Track the score (from the Notion template)

Questions to ourselves

I don’t know if anyone feels lost on Week 4 but I was a bit lost and didn’t know what to build next. I really want to know what users want to use.

It’s crucial to ask ourselves the questions below

Questions to ask ourselves (from the Notion template)

Task prioritization

The moment I saw Farza shared about this, I was like “Hey I have a Notion page to manage this as well haha 😂”.

Ask ourselves why we want to do this task is so important. I was once spending quite some times to make the landing page looks cool to scroll from one section to another section. Then I suddenly stepped back one step and looked at my list of tasks, I found that it is actually trivial comparing to all the other tasks.

Give the tasks rank and we can sort them to arrange the implementation in a better way. Please don’t give every task highest rank or no task will be important.

Task list from the Notion template

What else I did for Week 4?

I added copy feature and example use cases to the main page and launched the product to Product Hunt. Surprisingly, Sound Better was ranked #5 on the launch day and received more than 100 upvotes!

It brought me lots of traffic and users unexpectedly. I was thinking to get 10 users when I launched it.

Instead of building the feature I planned, I have to enhance Sound Better to handle the traffic well. I didn’t build it to be very robust initially but I think this is a good problem to solve!

We are on Product Hunt now!

What’s next?

I received quite some messages to ask me what’s my plan to keep this momentum going. To be honest, I don’t know. What I know is there are obviously some problems to be solved now and I am still working on it.

Sincerely appreciate if you have any idea to help me grow or keep the momentum going. Just leave me a comment or ping me at Twitter!

You can also check out the weekly update here and leave me a comment ❤

Keep building 🔥



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