Buildspace N&W S2 Week 5- Social

Abby Low
Jan 19, 2023

Time to create a brand and some company profiles.

Create a legit landing page

Using as example

Three must-have elements on the landing page: Title, Subtitle, CTA

Title: What does this product do?

Subtitle: How does the product achieve it?

CTA: Ask user to take action

Some examples from current well-known companies

The key is to avoid technical jargon or sales pitch. Make the one-liner simple as your mom can understand in one glance.

Farza recommended to use to make the landing page. Buildspace current homepage is also using framer.

Company Profiles

The second task is to create company profiles on social media. This is fun as I finally can write myself as a founder ✨✨✨

Oh wow I am a founder now 😍

Check SoundBetter’s profiles below:



Other than these tasks, the most important thing is iterating the routine — build, launch, measure, talk to users (learn) and again~

Keep shipping 🛳️



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