How to Use Raydium SDK to Build a Swap — Part 2

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Step 4: Get the liquidity pool information

import { jsonInfo2PoolKeys, LiquidityPoolJsonInfo, LiquidityPoolKeys } from "@raydium-io/raydium-sdk";const RAY_SOL_LP_V4_POOL_KEY = '89ZKE4aoyfLBe2RuV6jM3JGNhaV18Nxh8eNtjRcndBip';const RAYDIUM_LIQUIDITY_JSON = '';const [raySolPoolKey, setRaySolPoolKey] = useState<LiquidityPoolKeys>();// ...const getPoolInfo = async () => {// fetch the liquidity pool list
const liquidityJsonResp = await fetch(RAYDIUM_LIQUIDITY_JSON);
if (!(await liquidityJsonResp).ok) return []const liquidityJson = await liquidityJsonResp.json();const allPoolKeysJson = [...(liquidityJson?.official ?? []), ...(liquidityJson?.unOfficial ?? [])]// find the liquidity pair
poolKeysRaySolJson: LiquidityPoolJsonInfo = allPoolKeysJson.filter((item) => item.lpMint === RAY_SOL_LP_V4_POOL_KEY)?.[0] || null;
// convert the json info to pool key using jsonInfo2PoolKeys
raySolPk = jsonInfo2PoolKeys(poolKeysRaySolJson);

Step 5: Calculate the amount out using the pool key

Step 6: Make the swap transaction and send it! 🚀

import { Liquidity } from "@raydium-io/raydium-sdk";import { useConnection, useWallet } from '@solana/wallet-adapter-react';import { calcAmountOut } from '../utils';const { publicKey, sendTransaction } = useWallet();const { connection } = useConnection();// ...const { amountIn, minAmountOut } = await calcAmountOut(connection, raySolPoolKey, inputNumber, swapInDirection);const { transaction, signers } = await Liquidity.makeSwapTransaction({  connection,  poolKeys: raySolPoolKey,  userKeys: {    tokenAccounts,    owner: publicKey,  },  amountIn,  amountOut: minAmountOut,  fixedSide: "in"});const txid = await sendTransaction(transaction, connection, { signers, skipPreflight: true });console.log(`${txid}`);




Software engineer, dreamer, another cat lover. Just share what I’ve learned.

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Abby Low

Abby Low

Software engineer, dreamer, another cat lover. Just share what I’ve learned.

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