Learn Web 3.0 with Free Online Resources

Abby Low
2 min readMay 28, 2022

With the hype of Web 3.0, the rise of blockchain technology is inevitable. The news about the latest cryptocurrencies and NFT are taking over our social media and squeeze their way into our daily lives.

Everyone wants to ride the Web 3.0 wave but soon will realize that the learning resources of Web 3.0 might be either too complicated to understand or the tutorials are out of date (since the new technologies are evolving in such a fast pace).

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Let’s start learning Web 3.0 with building some cool projects.

1. Buildspace

Buildspace is a free, community based platform for everyone to learn Web 3.0 technologies alongside internet friends. You may ask any questions in the discord channels while facing issue.

What I love the most about Buildspace is that the courses are easy to understand without overwhelming with lots of jargons. Buildspace offers a wide range of courses ranging from Solidity smart contracts development to Solana Dapp development. After completing each course, you can get a NFT as a certificate that represents your knowledge and skillset.

These are my NFT certificates

2. CryptoZombie

CryptoZombie is a free online resource that interactively guides the user to learn Solidity from beginner to intermediate level. By making your own crypto-collectibles game, you can learn the fundamental knowledge and also the useful security practices while writing smart contracts.

3. Finematics

Other than learning the technologies to build Web3.0, there are new concepts emerged in DeFi space almost every month. Finematics helps people understand those concepts across technology and finance with whiteboard animations.

With those free resources listed above, you can enjoy the fun of building your own Web3.0 projects. Take your first step today! Have fun 🤩



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